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Your Private Jet Booking

At EchoJet we pride ourselves on taking care of all the little details, so our clients can enjoy a seamless luxury travel experience. If you have any questions ask us, or browse through our list of top questions our team is frequently asked. The capitalised terms we use are defined in our Terms & Conditions.

How do I book a charter flight with EchoJet?

Booking your private jet is a simple process with EchoJet. Please make sure you read our Terms & Conditions click here before you book. But here’s a summary:

  1. You get in touch with your air charter broker and tell us when and where you want to fly and how many passengers there will be. The more you tell us about your proposed trip the more easily we can identify the right aircraft to your needs.
  2. Your personal air charter broker will send you a selection of charter quotations suited to your travel requirements.
  3. You pick the perfect aircraft for your private jet flight.
  4. You will then receive a Booking Request with details of what you are asking us to book on your behalf, which you will sign.
  5. After receiving your signed Booking Request and payment of your deposit or the full Charter Price (please see our Terms & Conditions click here for our payment terms) your air charter broker will book your aircraft and confirm this to you.
  6. In the run up to the flight your booking will be confirmed again and you will receive the details of the flight including the Operator, details of the aircraft , crew details and the address of the private terminal.
  7. Your actual flight experience is our main priority here at EchoJet so your air charter broker will work with you to ensure all the finer details are taken care of. For more information on how we offer the highest levels of service to you please click here to look at our ‘’Your Experience” page,
  8. We believe that flight watching is a key part of a successful flight. What this means is that on the date of travel (including your return flight if you have booked one) your air charter broker will manage all aspects of the flight to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Your broker keeps up to date with what is going on and relays this information back to you. Your broker will let you know when your aircraft will be at the departure airport, when the crew is ready and waiting for your arrival, will check what time the aircraft departs and lands and when the passengers have left the airport and are enroute to their final destination. This part of what we do is something we take very seriously and gives our clients complete piece of mind that they are getting the best possible service.

What if I need to cancel my flight?

Here at EchoJet, we understand things change and people need flexibility. You can cancel your flight subject to our cancellation terms which you will find in our Terms & Conditions click here. Unlike many brokerages we match our cancellation terms with those of your Operator plus a service fee of 7.5% of the Charter Price . Every operator has different cancellation terms. most are quite generous so we will always advise these in the Booking Request Form. Many brokers have very strict cancellation terms which are much more onerous than those of the Operator. We think this is unfair.

How can I book Empty Legs?

Through EchoJet clients can receive discounted prices on empty sector flights. However, circumstances can change at the last minute and flights can be subject to cancellation or delay depending on the operator. To understand how Empty Legs work please click here.

Does Echojet handle multi-leg routes?

Yes, we are able to handle multi-leg routes. Call us at +44 (0)208 004 5770 to speak to your air charter broker who will organise the best possible route, at the most competitive price possible.

Will my private jet have wheelchair access?

When enquiring please inform your EchoJet air charter broker that "you require a private jet with wheelchair access", and we will offer charter options that cater to this need.

Can I bring my pet on the private jet?

Most operators allow pets on board the private jet, but will charge a small cleaning fee for the service. Please inform your EchoJet air charter broker when booking that “you will be flying with your pet” so that we can ensure that your charter options will be pet-friendly.

Can I choose my own catering for the flight?

We can organise any kind of on-board catering you may require. Click here to read the variety of food available or while booking please let us know what you fancy and it will be arranged. Requests are subject to the operators catering budget and additional fees may apply for anything ordered that is over their budget.

If I have an allergy or dietary restrictions can these be taken under consideration?

Yes, our clients’ requirements are of utmost importance to us. While booking please list any allergies or dietary restrictions that we must incorporate into the menu.

Preparing For Your Flight

How much baggage can I bring?

This depends on the aircraft that you choose to charter. While booking ask your air charter broker about “the baggage allowance”, as it might affect your aircraft choice. We typically advise passengers to bring one 20kg, soft-sided suitcase, and one piece of hand baggage but if you think you will need more please let us know.

What about sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, ski boots, bicycles, fishing rods and tackle, and sporting guns?

You need to let your air charter broker know in advance of booking if you are bringing any sports equipment with you. It may affect your choice of aircraft, and there are regulations covering the carriage of certain items, such as sporting guns and ammunition.

How long before the flight do I have to check in?

30 minutes prior to departure if not advised otherwise.

Can ground transport be organised by EchoJet?

Yes. EchoJet can provide assistance to get you from your arrival airport to your final destination. No matter where you land we can arrange chauffeur services, helicopter transfers and more, to make sure you reach wherever you need to go in as much style, and as seamlessly as possible.

Can helicopter services be provided?

We do provide helicopter transfers and services. Call us at +44 (0)208 004 5770 to book or consult your EchoJet aircraft charter broker for more information.

Your Private Jet Experience

Will there be on board flight attendants?

All heavy jet, ultra-long range, VIP airliners and aircraft with 19 or more passengers are provided with flight attendants. However, if you would like a flight attendant on smaller private jets, we can arrange that for an extra fee.

Will there be anyone at the airport to accompany me?

Every airport has handling agents to take care of you upon your arrival at the airport. Your captain will also be waiting for you in the terminal to take you through to the aircraft.

Parking availability

Most airports offer parking, however some charge, and others offer it as a complimentary service. To receive more detailed information call us at +44 (0)208 004 5770.

We care for your safety

How do I know my flight will be safe?

Safety standards and recommended practices are set down by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to be applied by national aviation authorities. EchoJet has its own in-house legal and compliance personnel who work to ensure every Operator and aircraft booked is duly certified by its regulatory authority.

Are two pilots used on all private jets?

Yes, unless specified otherwise.

Contact us to know more

If you would like further information on any of our air charter services, or want to provide us with feedback, please get in touch at or call us on +44 (0)208 004 5770