Monte Carlo - Europe's top luxury travel destination

The City of Luxury Dreams

The Principality of Monaco is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and Europe's top luxury travel destination. A private jet to Nice will get you within a helicopter shuttle service into Monaco. The sovereign city-state on the French Riviera packs wealth into a tiny area. Monaco is the world’s second-smallest country, and it is the most densely populated nation, with around 18,750 people per square kilometre. Monaco is so small; it could fit into just half of the surface area of New York’s Central Park.

Monaco is the world's richest country per capita. It is the world’s luxury destination, with a harbour filled with million-dollar yachts. Supercars speed around the tiny streets of the principality like race cars.

Millionaires and billionaires call Monaco home courtesy of no income tax, while having second, third, and fourth homes in other locations around the globe.

Within Monaco is Monte Carlo, the most famous district of the principality. Monte Carlo isn’t a city, rather it is an area within the city-state of Monaco. Despite its relatively small size, Monte Carlo is known around the world for being the playground for the rich and famous.

monte carlo - luxury travel destination
Monte Carlo Marina

Monte Carlo isn’t just home to wealthy individuals. The district welcomes millions of travellers to its streets each year. Many of those tourists subscribe to a jet-set lifestyle, boarding private jet charter flights whenever they choose to travel the globe.

The district is home to one of the most iconic sporting events of the year, the Monaco Grand Prix. Monte Carlo Casino is another attraction that lures tourists. It is one of the most glamorous casinos in Europe and featured in multiple James Bond films. The principality has everything a person could want for a luxurious getaway. The entire country was built for the rich and famous to enjoy whether for a holiday or a lifetime.

Monte Carlo Casinos

Monte Carlo’s casinos are one attraction many tourists don’t want to miss. Wealthy travellers want to try their hand at one of the many table games available while feeling like the latest incarnation of James Bond – or perhaps the newest Bond villain.

monte carlo - luxury travel destination
Monte Carlo Casino

One reason Montel Carlo’s casinos stand out above casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, and other locations is their glitz and glamour. The casinos of Monte Carlo have always stayed true to their history and traditions. The casinos themselves are opulent, and the architecture takes travellers back to a different era.

Despite casinos being found in countries across Europe, wealthy travellers continue to visit Monte Carlo’s gambling hotspots. The district’s Casino Square is one of the great sites, with the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo, Opera de Monte Carlo, and Monte Carlo Casino next to each other.

In recent years, the exteriors of the casinos have been refurbished, giving the entire Casino Square a revitalised look, perfect for snapping photos. Whether travellers want to play table games like blackjack, roulette, poker, or slot machines, there are plenty of options.

Monte Carlo Luxury Hotels

The hotels of Montel Carlo serve up plenty of grandeur. The historic hotels of the district are lavish, with their comfortable beds, well-appointed rooms, and attentive staff. The standard of service is high, and hotels across Monte Carlo continually deliver, making every stay better than the last.

Monte Carlo never rests. No, not in the same way New York City never sleeps. Rather, Monte Carlo doesn’t rest on its laurels. Its hotels and restaurants are always finding new ways to reinvent themselves while staying true to the customers they serve. Monte Carlo’s five-star hotels are sought out by travellers looking for the best quality. The service and staff make every guest feel like the superstar they are.

Over the last decade, destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Las Vegas have all touted themselves as luxury getaways. None of those destinations can compare to the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo.

Sporting Events

Formula One is the sport of the rich. The motorsport isn’t like other auto racing leagues. It features wealthy teams and super-charged cars competing around the world in one of the fastest sports. F1 cars drive around 350 kilometres per hour as they zoom around the race circuits.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the most famous F1 race of them all. First held in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix winds through the tiny streets of the principality. The circuit has been called “an exceptional location of glamour and prestige”.

Along with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Monaco Grand Prix makes up the Triple Crown of Motorsports. Its tight corners, tunnel, and limited straightaways make it one of the most unique races of the season.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the most iconic race on the Formula One calendar. The event takes place in late May or early June, one of the most beautiful times of the year on the French Riviera. Fans flock to the principality for the race and enjoy the other aspects of Monaco.

Monte Carlo Food and Wine

France was the world’s third-leading wine producer in 2021. Only Spain and Italy produced more wine than France. The country is synonymous with wine production, and Monaco’s wine cellars are flush with bottles from different vintages.

Monte Carlo’s restaurants have a long reputation for being the ideal options for high-quality cuisine. Wining and dining have always been on another level in Monte Carlo. Billionaires can be spotted at Monte Carlo’s elite dining establishments drinking Cristal and eating three-course meals.

Six different restaurants in Monaco are Michelin starred. The Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo is home to two of the principality’s most popular Michelin-starred dining options: the Louis XV-Alain Ducasse and Le Grill. The former serves up a Riviera-inspired menu using organic ingredients, and the latter provides guests with a luxury barbeque meal overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Monte Carlo’s restaurants are a perfect example of how dining options change with the times. Luxury tourists’ tastes change, and the executive chefs of Monte Carlo remain on the cutting edge of cuisine.

Monte Carlo Beaches

Monte Carlo has one public beach, the Plage du Larvotto, making it possible to spend the day in the Mediterranean sun and surf. Monte Carlo doesn’t have a lot of coastline despite being on the French Riviera. Why? The coastline is mostly made up of yacht marinas full of superyachts and helipads, where the owners land their chartered helicopters. Despite being a public beach, Plage du Larvotto is a luxurious place to spend the day.

monte carlo - luxury travel destination
Plenty of place to land your chartered helicopter

The Plage du Larvotto is a man-made sandy beach. It has private and public areas, giving high rollers the chance to have their own little space away from other beachgoers. It may be in the heart of Monaco, but Plage du Larvotto is one of the principality’s gems. The waters that lap onto the shoreline are crystal clear and warm. Foodies will find restaurants and bars situated around the Plage du Larvotto to indulge in food and drink.

monte carlo - luxury travel destination
Plage du Larvotto

The Plage du Larvotto is the only public beach in Monaco, but there are private beaches in the principality. Beaches like La Plage d’Eze have beach clubs, giving tourists the chance to enjoy food and drink, and exclusive company. The French Riviera has additional beaches just outside the principality. The beaches vary from quaint sandy spots to places perfect for water sports.

Monte Carlo is the ideal holiday destination for luxury travellers. A private jet charter flight can have tourists in Monte Carlo in just a few hours, enjoying the high life of the French Riviera.